Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Recap: "Full Of Surprises"

I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend because I sure did! I went to a vow renewal and it was simply gorgeous! The couple has been married for 20 years and they were both tearing up when they were saying their vows! It was beautiful! Not only did I go to a vow renewal, my mom and my boyfriend surprised me! It was a simple but pleasant surprise I might add! Here’s how it all went:

My mom made up this far fetched story(Too long to relive) just to get me to join her for brunch! Okay no big deal! So we finally make it to the restaurant and I call my boyfriend because we are at the restaurant that we have been planning to try for the longest. So while I am dialing his number, I am waiting to be seated at my table and I see three menus at the table. So I ask my mom: Why do we have three menus at our table, who is joining us? She smiles and looks up, so I turn around and there is my Mr. Everything! He is standing there looking pretty darn good! Although, I still don’t quite know the reason why they surprised me, I mean I see my boyfriend everyday! But I guess it’s not everyday I have my mom and my boyfriend with me!  The only person missing was my dad and he was at the gym working out! So that was my weekend in a nutshell!

P.S. Out of four years that was my third surprise from Mr. Everything! Maybe the fourth surprise will be something to SCREAM about………


Aritza Goddess said...

Awww ! That's a really sweet thing to do, it was a good surprise :) Cross my fingers for a proposal, next ?!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Hopefully.....we shall see!!