Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Would You Use The HoneyFund?

On another one of my late night escapes on the internet I discovered the Honeyfund! The Honeyfund is a honeymood registry on the internet that allows your guest to leave a monetary gift for you to go towards your honeymoon. Now how’s that for new technology! Once again I was surprised, I had never heard of a honeymoon registry but that’s an awesome idea! But of course, as with everything in life there are some pro’s and cons. Lets evaluate:

You could get your honeymoon paid for and save some money!
You could have extra money to splurge even more on your trip!

Many people are leary about putting their bank card information on the internet, although it’s
A guaranteed secure sight, you will get some doubts.
Some guest may think it’s tacky, manly the traditional types.

I am still up in the air about using this in the future but it’s a darn good idea! Would you consider using the honeyfund apart of your wedding registry?


Taryn said...

I have a HoneyFund set up. The way I look at it, guests are going to give us money regardless...why not let them know how the money will be spent?? Instead of saying "I gave them $50.", guests can say "I gave them a snorkeling trip on their honeymoon!" :) My mom thought it was tacky at first, but once I explained it to her, she thought it was cool.

Also, on HoneyFund, you can choose to not have online payments and just have the guests bring a check/money to the wedding instead.

Chaotic Bliss said...

Thank Taryn! I didn't know that you could ask guest to give you checks instead online payments. Great information, let me know how well you did after the wedding!