Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So You Think I Am Crazy.....

I must do a disclaimer post because I am sure a few of you may think I am LOCO!

Well not yet, at least! You may be asking yourself: “Why is this girl talking about weddings and don’t even have a ring?” LOL Well, well, well…this is true, I DON’T HAVE AN ENGAGEMENT RING! But can a girl "pre-pre plan" just in case! **smile**

Now let’s go over a few things. I don’t think I am in the crazy house yet; I haven’t booked any venues, tried on any dresses, sent out any invitations or chosen my wedding colors. LOL (Even if I did a few of those I still wouldn't be deemed CRAZY) I am just gathering wedding inspiration online so that I can be prepared just in case I get engaged! Lol I consider it, wedding research and it doesn’t hurt that I work for a wedding company too; so I am always getting the inside scoop on the hottest wedding trends, favors and themes!

P.S This disclaimer is to clarify the reasoning behind my wedding related post and to let you all know that I am venting, sharing inspiration and giving you a look inside my personal life! So feel free to shoot me a comment or give a gal some advice! Trust me, I never turn down good advice! **Smiles**


OceanDreams said...

He he, wedding research never hurt anybody so you go to it girl! I love hearing advice and ironically my BF and I just talked about getting engaged within the year...yahoo! So...it is never too early, unless you are a hopeless romantic like me and you get sucked up into it. He he.

Almost Her said...

Hey - just noticed today that you're a follower. Join the "pre-planning" club! Excited to see more from ya!