Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Card Box Inspiration

While I am in my pre-pre planning stages of my non-existent wedding, I have come across some cute wedding necessities, for instance a card box! Honestly I never have heard of such a thing, but I think it’s kind of cool! Well I found a few I would like to share! Enjoy!Source

These are all beautiful and all are DIY Projects except for the third silver present cage!! I think that is the type of card box I would go with or either a vintage suitcase or spray paint a bird cage and dazzle it up! Something unique, I am all for being different!

P.S. Here is a great link that leads you on a DIY Card Box Journey!


Heather said...

These are great ideas!! I still need to buy/ make one for my wedding.

Cute blog...I am a new follower.

OceanDreams said...

Great ideas, just lovely!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Thanks Ladies! @Heather I am also a follower of yours too!

mamaA said...

Have you seen wwwtheperfectcardbox.com it is a very cool wedding card box.