Saturday, August 8, 2009

Only The Strong Survives

When you are dating a guy at what point do you start thinking about engagements and weddings? Many people in today’s society are so judgmental; when they feel that a person isn’t dating long enough, or if they feel the couple isn’t compatible or if they feel there’s a large age gap within the relationship they throw stones at that union. Well my response to them is: GET A LIFE!! I don’t have any one the following going on in my relationship but I said that to say, many people will NEVER be happy for you when you are in LOVE! I am learning that the hard way! My mom always tells me, as you travel this road in the near future you may lose some friends; the ones you lose they were NEVER your friend from the start! I didn’t understand her until recently! Unfortunately, everyone isn’t going to be happy for you and some may be waiting for you and your relationship to fail but as long as you and your mate are comfortable with each other and your relationship is centered around God and prayer, nothing or no one can pull you apart!


Taryn said...

With FI, it was almost right away. I fell for him hard and fast and I knew he was Mr Right. The problem was convincing him that marriage wasn't the devil (he has a crazy ex-wife that cheated on him the entire time they were married). When we got engaged, we had been together for 2 years and 9 months. When we get married, we will have been together for 3 years and 3 months. Yes, we had a 6 month engagement...and it's about 3 months too long!

Ashley said...

I totally agee about the friend part.
before i got engaged we had talked about it for months!! i mean months like december and i got engaged in april!! we have only been together a year total!! but sometimes you just know!! some of my friends where happy for me just being in love!! maybe it's only the true freinds that can be happy for you when they know you are in love!! i know that was my favorite part was just finally being in love with someone who loved me for me and as much as i love him!!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Thanks Ladies! Taryn I do believe that we as women have an intuition! So we can feel it in our hearts whether we've run into Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong! I am happy that you found your Mr. Right, congrats honey!

It's hard to find someone these days that truly loves you for you! So you have yourself a keeper maam! :) Congrats on your engagement!