Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Long Is Too Long?

Me and my girls always manage to have this topic of discussion at some point of the night when we are all hanging out: How long is too long to date someone before being engaged? Now let me start by saying I am not EXPERT on this, my statements are my very own personal opinions. But I have two takes on this.

My First Take: Honestly, for me I feel that 5 years is a long time, especially when you date someone after college or after the age of 21. Now for those who date their high school sweethearts or date through college I would say anywhere between 6-10 yrs may be acceptable.

For me, four years is perfect because I have surpassed the utopia dating phase, although I still get butterflies in my stomach after three and a half years. I was able to meet his immediately family, his extended family, and his friends and get to know and love them. I’ve also had time to adapt to all his faults and he certainly has had time to adapt to mine, although I don’t have many (smiling)! We have been able to grow together—from being party animals to becoming more mature adults. (Nothing’s wrong with partying, I have just been there and done ALL of that) We have talked about finances and we have been able to witness each other successes in our careers. We have also been through the worst— about a year and a half ago Mr. Everything lost his job due to the economy. Thank God, with prayer and support we were able to survive that period in his life and he found another great job(More Money) !!! With that being said—for me I know that I am ready for marriage because I know that God sent Mr. Everything just for me. It’s all about timing and chemistry and despite our hardships—everything fell into place!

My Second Take: Everyone doesn’t want to get married, therefore if you have two people who agree that they both want companionship without marriage then may they have my blessing. As long as you are happy, that’s all that matters!

In your opinion: How long is too long to date someone before being engaged?


Anonymous said...

hmm... I dunno I might be bias. I got engaged after 8 months! I never ever in a million years thought I would do that, But I figure if you know its right then why wait? But when I see girls who have been dating the same guy for lets say 3 years, I think if he hasn't put a ring on it yet, I'd leave! Cuz 2 years to me is a long enough time to know if you love a person and want to spend the rest of yuor lives together. But then again everyone is different! My sister has been dating the same guy for over 3 years and they are in no way shape or form ready for marriage...

OceanDreams said...

I think it totally depends on the relationship, how long it takes to "get" one another, and the comfort there. My parents got married in 3 months and have been together for 33 years, so that says a lot. You have to be ready to be with that person and that is not dependent on any length of time, in my opinion. I hope you get engaged soon love!!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Ocean Dream me engaged soon? HA! That's funny, my guys moves like snail mail! Honestly, I would be surprised/shocked if it happens anytime this year! But I doubted--not holding my breath! LOL