Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Victim Fights Back!!!

This is the funniest blog that I have come across for many reasons.

Reason #1- I hate when people try to get over on me or scam me, so to see someone fight back is hilarious.

Reason #2-I hate getting scam emails—but when the scammer is actually replying to a potential victim—OMG, it’s a must read!
FYI: Please don’t fall for any type of internet scams: internet dating, the “lonely” girl in desperate need or the job that you have to pay! Please do your research folks! Google is a wonderful tool and these guys, whom I call google crawlers or robots, do an awesome job about getting the word out. But you must take the time to research!! Enough of the lecture enjoy!!

Reason #3- If you have a sense of humor and can read through the poor grammar then you will enjoy!

I just want to give kudos to whoever created this blog---because scammers should be made a fool of!! Grab your popcorn—because this is a real treat: Room with a Screw.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! These internet scammers are beyond BOLD!!