Thursday, April 2, 2009

No One Said Life Was Easy, Or Did They?

As you all may know I am a graduate student—well I'm a non tradition graduate student; which means I work full time and go to school! How do I manage to do it? Yes that’s what I want to know! It is hard and times do get tough. I am constantly reminding myself that I will get through this, or saying to myself "this too shall past" in order for me to continue pressing forward. Working and going to grad school is hard, the work load is heavier and of course more is expected out of you. But I manage to deal and excel, I am by no means a quitter but trust me I’ve come close! Besides my constant drive, my family and mi novio makes this so easy for me to continue. They are so supportive and behind me 110%. However, my Mr. Everything gets the short end of the stick because we don’t get to enjoy each other as much as we would like, we do manage to have date nights, which I do enjoy! But it’s hard keeping everything together without breaking down. With that being said:
Images via and Absolutely Beautiful Things