Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have You Ever..........

I didn’t really go into details about my weekend adventures because I actually didn’t even want to think about it but since I am all better now—I can share with you! One of my good friends, (we go back to elementary) had a birthday party and it was at Kameo, a pole dancing studio in Atlanta. That’s right, I said it! A POLE DANCE STUDIO! This was an interesting experience seeing that I am not very well trained on the pole! However, I managed to make it through and learned some pole moves. There are a few crazy names but here it goes: The Fireman, The Cannon Ball and The Stork. Those were just a few, but not only did I leave that studios with new moves, I left with new pain! My body was aching and aching all over, whew it was quite painful! For four days I couldn’t lift my arms. I must commend dancers, you must have upper body strength do the latter part of your job that I don’t. I learn two things this weekend: I should keep my daytime job and that I wouldn’t get any tips if I worked as stripper. But if I could do a repeat of this weekend I would do it all over again pain and all—because I had a:

Images via Lars Botten via Cristo Bedoya's

I just want to say thanks to the owner of Kameo, (shameless plug) Camile for working me out, she's the best and a special thanks to CR for inviting me, I had such a great time over the weekend, I truly enjoyed myself--pain and all!


Anonymous said...

Hmm I have a birthday coming up, and this sounds interesting !!! LOL let me note to self, i heard it was a hell of a workout!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Yes, it's fun! Just stretch really good before you start and take two advil because you will need it!! Trust me!!