Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100 Qwirky Facts About Me

1. I am blessed

2. I believe in God

3. I am absolutely, brutally honest

4. I love to laugh

5. I have my Mr. Everything

6. I love to read

7. I am in Grad School

8. I love everything vintage

9. I love all sorts of cupcakes

10. I work in the wedding/baby industry

11. My alter ego is Cashmere

12. I love my blackberry, it keeps me together!

13. I {heart} Starbucks—caramel macchiato

14. I love to write

15. I hate liars

16. I love Chinese/Japanese food

17. I am a shop-a-holic

18. I am addicting to online shopping

19. I love e-bay!

20. I am grumpy in the mornings

21. I don’t like Monday’s

22. I like to see people smile

23. I have a shoe fetish

24. I have a purse fetish

25. I love the springtime

26. My Favorite Movie is Slumdog Millionaire

27. My favorite color is black

28. I have to eat breakfast every morning to survive

29. I love to dance

30. My guilty reality television pleasure is American Idol

31. I am germ phobic ( I use hand sanitizer every minute)

32. I enjoy Sixflags Amusement Park (adrenaline junky)

33. I love to travel

34. I can’t stop buying jackets

35. My Ipod is filled with a variety of music

36. I {heart} etsy jewelry

37. I am very observant

38. I love pomergrate martini’s (I am not a lush)

39. I am addicted to twitter

40. I love all things social media

41. I love sushi

42. I am a helpless romantic

43. I try to do at least one good deed a day

44. I like to cook

45. I like to play dress up

46. I own two pair of sneakers

47. I am NOT a follower

48. I am rebellious (sometimes)

49. I have a very good photogenic memory

50. I am not very good with names

51. I am a Georgia Peach (Born and raised)

52. I used to live in Detroit

53. I stayed in Macon, Ga for work

54. I am a former news producer

55. I have no regrets

56. I am a good listener

57. I am very adventurous

58. I despise reptiles (of all kind)

59. I don’t like going to the zoo

60. I love to roller skate

61. I can’t roller blade

62. I wish I could ice skate

63. I am a former ballerina

64. I still walk on my toes

65. I love spicy food

66. I love blogging

67. I am very nosey, that is why I became a journalist

68. I spend too much time on the internet

69. I am a night owl

70. I don’t like hoarders

71. I am very organized

72. I’ve taken golf lessons and still not really good

73. I played piano and clarinet in the past

74. I have eyeglasses (don’t wear them like I should)

75. I love reading other people blogs (Nosey)

76. I can’t swim

77. I almost drowned once

78. I love a good movie on a rainy night

79. I like rainy nights

80. I hate rainy days

81. I am sarcastic

82. I wish I had a cleaning service

83. I need a personal asst.

84. I love getting massages

85. I won a few spelling bee’s in my lifetime

86. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University

87. I’ve had 5 roommates ever

88. I love going on cruises—I am a cruise freak

89. I love thy neighbor

90. I really love myself

91. I get my hair done EVERY two weeks

92. I am a neat freak

93. I am a virgo

94. I don’t like chocolate ice cream

95. I don’t eat dressing on Thanksgiving

96. I would rather have white wine over red

97. My favorite wine is Reisling

98. I say my prayers daily

99. I am at a very happy place in my life

100. My life in a nut shell: Chaotic Bliss