Monday, May 23, 2011

The Missing Piece

Picnics are something that I love to have with people that I truly like. The concept of being in a peaceful place where you can marvel over one another and learn about each others likes and dislike is such a beautiful thing.

Mr. J and I went on a picnic, while it was beautiful something was missing. Before I go any further I must say--I really like Mr. J but I wouldn't mind being exclusive with him. **Gasp** Yes, I am admitting this but I have chosen to accept our relationship of uncommitted courtship until "HE" is ready to move forward.

Now this IS the story of my life--being ready to move forward while the guy is simply enjoying the perks of having a girlfriend without the title. Am I allowing the cycle to continue? And how do I break it? I know what I want but not quite sure how to obtain or maintain it for that matter.

So as we ate our picnic snacks-all I could do was look at the sky and wonder how long is it going to take this man to see we are "two of a kind;"--maybe six months, hell maybe even a year. Am I willing to play the uncommitted courtship game for that long? That is the question I must ask myself while I am on the journey, before I let another four years of my life pass me by......