Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Talk

When is the perfect time to have "the talk"? I would think it's good to have "the talk" multiple times throughout the courtship and/relationship. I actually got this idea from a guy that I dated briefly, we were embarking on 3 months of dating and he wanted to evaluate the relationship. Lucky for us both, that evaluation saved us a lot of time and heart break because we decided that we didn't have the chemistry needed for what we both were looking for: a healthy relationship.

"The talk" is not something that puts pressure on a person but it helps both parties see whether or not the relationship is a waste of time. I promised myself from now on, I apply this method to whomever I am seeing for more than one reason. For one, I am not dating for fun--I am dating for keeps. For two, I want a family, I want to marry my best-friend. Therefore, it's very important to me that that both parties are on the same page.

I have notice that Mr. J is so caught up on--enjoying what we have and that's all good but let us not forget the future.....To be continued.