Thursday, December 31, 2009

Doing It BIG In 2010!



I am taking on this mantra for 2010. The statement is very bold and speaks volumes and I LOVE IT! As I was doing a little New Years Resolution Searching I decided to scrap the whole Resolutions thing and just have a set mantra that I will follow throughout the year. After looking at my teaser New Year Resolution list; at least two out of the three things on the list will occur. I will be teaching at the college level this summer and I will be running a small marathon. The other two: graduating from my master's program and getting married--well one is bit of a stretch ( I let you guys decide on which one). Lol But I will set my normal goals and do my best achieving them with the help of my 2010 Mantra "GO BIG OR GO HOME"!

With that being said I hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year!


Julie said...

go big or go home is such a good one to follow! I finally decided this year I wasn't setting goals, only having a positive attitude and going for what I want! I love your blog, can't wait to read more! I'm in grad school too, so I def. feel your pain, SO hard to come back after the holidays!