Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Let The Dogs Out....

For some reason while typing, that song was playing in my head so I decided to make that the title of this post! While I have been absent from the blog world, I have been doing great things for my community. The first thing I did was volunteer for the Tour De Pink! No, I was not a cyclist but I was the one handing out delicious snacks and refreshing beverages to the cyclists! From that great community service, I was off to donated tons of clothes to the kidney foundation. Someone is going to be a fly diva, watch out now! Now, my next task of good community service involved me helping the kids. I know, Chaotic and Kids don't go hand in hand but I let my guard down and I did it for the kids. I volunteered my services to help at a harvest festival and I was in charge of one of the games. For the most part everything was grand, until this little booger decided to go in my candy box and steal some extra pieces of candy. But I handled that situation very gracefully, by screaming and yelling at the little booger and he ran off! Job well done, in my book!

Besides doing good deeds, I have been swamped with school work. And it's that time again, so I have been really grinding it out. Other than that, no news on this end! But it's great to be back!