Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring "Jewelry" Cleaning

I am a BSD (bargaining shopping diva), which means I love to shop but I will look for every possible avenue to get a deal or save a buck! I found this cute jewelry stand that I definitely need because my jewelry is literally pouring out of my old-fashion “vintage” jewelry box! (Shaking My Head) This cute stand is from Urban Outfitters and they are on sale—how great is that?

It’s really embarrassing and I am ashamed. Let me give you some background on why this is such a sad case. I should have done my spring cleaning a long time ago and I haven’t lifted a finger. Actually every time I try to do some spring cleaning, something comes up! Seriously, either a paper or a book that I must read and I must squeeze this all in with my FULL TIME job. It just seems so impossible, so I am committing myself to find knick knacks that will help me with my access of stuff i.e. jewelry, school research, electronics, purses and shoes. So if my next couple of post reflects my home d├ęcor, please bear with me and give me any ideas that you may have in mind! It will be great appreciated!


tis serendipity said...

I love this jewelry stand from UO! =) It's got such a lovely quaint design... Haha I know what you mean about always planning on doing some spring cleaning but never doing it in the end... but you've got a full time job so that's a more than valid excuse! =)

Chaotic Bliss said...

Thanks for understanding and validating my excuse!! :) It's so hard, by the time I start my spring cleaning it will probably be summer! :)