Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Dress Challenge

I have a wedding dress challenge for all you brides-to-be! I dare you to be different when it comes to your wedding dress! When I say different, I am referring to what will make your wedding dress stand out from the rest, what pizazz will you add whether it’s an accessory or colorful shoes? Let me know how you dare to be different with your wedding dress! Here are a few daring wedding dresses….enjoy!


OceanDreams said...

Different is always good, these dresses are all very unique! I want to be unique too.

Thanks for the early birthday wishes! XO!

Elise said...

Ewww.. Some of these dresses scare me. But I must admit, the purple one is fab! I would take photos in the second one but I would probably be nervous to walk down the aisle in it. lol.